Another tour, another year, and another velogob league comes to an end. Bike Gob sends massive congratulations to Vincenzo Nibbles of Nibali for a marvellous effort this year, holding on to that yellow jersey like a little girl does their favourite teddy bear.

But never mind that, what everyone really wants to know is who won the Tour de Gob Velogob League eh eh eh? Well.... dun dun dun dun dun dun... its...... showing excellent bike racing knowledge and no luck whatsoever.... bringing a high element of skill and amazing brilliantness... it is..... none other than.... and the crowd went wild...... BIKE GOB GLASGOW!!!!!


Fielding off questions on doping and favouritism cheating rumours, Bike Gob graciously accepts Bike Gob's kudos and awe from one and all, and thankfully puts Bike Gob's t-shirt making pens away. A lesser amount of kudos also goes to Catana Cycles, and C.C. Escargot for coming in second and third respectively and well, better luck next time to all the rest of you.... LOSERS!!!!!