Eee by gum and oop yer father the day has finally arrived. THE TOUR DE GOB IS HERE!!!!!

You'll have picked your velogob team, had your tea, and sorted out your internet viewing options so all that's left to do is get one final take on what's to come from thee good lad Bike Job, our resident bike race expert.

Click for the full text, the intelligent paragraphs of which Bike Gob has hilariously and immaturely illustrated by the medium of google images here.


He's a card that Bike Job - for more of his informative bicycling information text you can do a like thing here and don't forget to check out his tekkers blog.

Bike Gob is off to enjoy the start and hopes you do too because Gob is nice like that. Watch out here for some exciting Tour de Gob related entertainment coming your way over the next few weeks with a possible introduction to a new guest goggler. Ooh, it's almost as exciting as the velogob league standings! Please don't fall off Cav. I'm banking on you today. Gooooooooo!