Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh uuuuummmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Tour de Gob starts THIS WEEKEND and Bike Gob is wearing double padded shorts this week to assist with the effects of the excitement.

Even more exciting though is the arrival this very day of the much anticipated velogob league to rival the actual bike race. Won in style last time for the Gob d'Italia by Vuelta Loca's Vuelta Locos, the grand prize of stickers was handed over and the prizes have already by spotted all around town.

To step it up this time, Bike Gob will not only be awarding the winner of the Tour de Gob velogob league some Bike Gob stickers, but also a special t-shirt too as well in addition. So, roll up to the start line gobs, pick your team of speeding bullets, and enter the Bike Gob Glasgow Tour de Gob velogob league using code 02102357. Entries must be in by Saturday 5th July.

As always, guest goggler resident bike race expert Bike Job is busy putting together a preview of the race which will be coming your way soon. But in the mean time, share the league around and get picking.

Au revoir pour le maintenant.