Bike Gob's final hit list recommendation for this summer can be nothing other than the one, the only... promising to be nothing short of spectacular... the Gobbonwealth Games Road Race!

Before Bike Gob can get truly excited about it though, Bike Gob needs a rant and here is why. Glasgow City Council have put out a press release. Glasgow City Council's media often makes Bike Gob want to crawl under a bush with a bottle of Buckfast and this one is no exception.


Glasgow City Council have taglined the race, 'Fast, Furious and Free'. Bike Gob thinks that this is almost as ridiculously pish as that fucking stupid thistle "Clyde" and the Games screensavers all over the place declaring "It's Going To Be Awesome" despite the fact that it's going to be in Glasgow for adults AND NOT IN FUCKING AMERICA FOR SLACKLINING TEENAGERS.


And what is with that digitised photo? Did "Clyde" himself make it on his lunch break in Paintshop Pro because that's the best software the council IT department could provide? Why with all the Australians?! It looks like something out of an episode of Black Mirror and it makes Bike Gob want to shave Bike Gob's eyeballs off with a frayed gear cable.

Aaaaaanyway... crap promo aside, Bike Gob attended last years road race, rumoured to be a tester of the route for this year, and had a great great day. Highlights of road races Bike Gob has attended in the past include:

  • discovering the broom wagon has an actual broom
  • standing behind TV reporters
  • macaroni cheese pies and beer
  • seeing the Genesis team bus stuck in a ditch
  • spectator VPL's
  • bike shop race beards
  • being asked for directions to George Square next to George Square

The Road Race is happening on Sunday the 3rd of August and starts and finishes at Glasgow Green. Check out the route here.