Penultimately (second last?) another hit list pick of bike stuff happening this summer, Bike Gob brings you The Spokesman Theatre.

Perfect for a jolly family outing, this theatre show has been doing the rounds of select leafy parks, giving a "bonkers" comedy performance to an audience and cast, all sat pedalling upon their bicycles. In the lead up to the Gobbonwealth Games the show will hit Glasgow's Pollok Park on the 15th-19th of July.

So that's nice. But this reminds Bike Gob of a ruccus that was going on a few months ago over proposed changes to the Glasgow City Council's Park Management Rules, which if brought in would prevent, among other "bonkers" ideas, cycling over 5mph, gatherings of over 20 people and organised sporting pursuits in all Glasgow parks. And that would make doing stuff like The Spokesmen pretty difficult. Which wouldn't be nice. Massive petitions were submitted and a consultation was undertaken but Bike Gob has heard little more since then. Bike Gob hopes that the council have listened to public opinion and sense, and dropped the plans.

If you haven't already signed the petition and would like to it is here.

In balance, Bike Gob was also reminded of this:

The Spokeman Theatre show is for ages 8+. Bikes and helmets are provided and advanced booking is recommended (here).