As you will be well aware, Bike Gob is a pretty renowned and celebrated poet (see chamois and puddles), and has recently been taking Gobs extra time on Gobs hands owing from being furlonged from Gobs work down at the bottom of the bracket factory, to explore the work of Scotlands own poetic genius William (Topaz) McGonagall. It is likely that immersing Gobs self in the depth of this body of work may have rubbed somewhat off on Gob, but the ultimate decision is clearly up to the reader.

Having recently played a significant part by creating one tweet for the #spacefordistancing campaign by those Pedal for Parliaments, Gob is feeling particularly engaged in the outcome of whether our councils are going to get their fingers out and catch up with the rest of the world and reallocate some space for people trying to get around from a safe distance.

Our Lady Anna Princess of Hearts has recently suggested that this may well happen in Glasgow and so Gob waits with baited breath.

In the meantime, while we wait, here is a poem Gob wrote for you all, please enjoy thank you and you are very welcome.


O Covid-19
What a year it has been
The millennium bug came two decades too late

It's a terrible thing
But with it it brings
Possibilities for re-routing our fate

Social injustice
Time spent chasing our tails
Is this our chance to reset our mistakes?

Taking gobs near and far
Out of their cars
While people with bikes get to servicing their brakes

We can ride once a day
To keep obesity at bay
But for Gobs sake don't go riding with mates

And when you get to the lights
To avoid any fights
Sit as far back as 2 meters dictates

For the canal water's clear
And so's the atmosphere
Welsh towns have been invaded by goats

With less cars about the place
Can we claim back some space
Or are people less important than vehicular votes

"Actively Considering"
Is a phrase we keep hearing
Mon, let's just do this, people need space

Because when this is done
We can't go back to the run (of the mill)
Do it for the future of our human race

Deep or what.