This Friday will see the start of the second best ever cycling spectacular to grace the roads of the world, soon to be known as 'The Gob d'Italia'. Bike Gob is very excited, not least because this bike gob race will be starting in the nearby Italian suburb of Northern Ireland. That's (not) wick!

To celebrate, Bike Gob has made a Velogob league for Bike Gob fans to join in the competitive racing fun and will even send a packet of proper gobby Bike Gob stickers to the winner - lucky!!

Ride up, ride up and enter the Bike Gobbers Glasgow Style velogob league using code 07111351. Entries must be in by Friday.

Tomorrow Bike Gob will bring you a special information preview of the Gob d'Italia. Bike Gob loves watching gobs race their bikes but Bike Gob doesn't actually know an awful lot anything about bike gob races. For this reason Bike Gob has invited Guest Goggler, Bike Job, who knows more than any other bike gob about bike gob races, to be Bike Gob's resident bike gob race expert. Look out for Bike Jobs first guest goggler contribution tomorrow.

Until then, keep it rad bike gobs!