Bike Gob has been feeling all creative of late. It may have something to do with mis-judged pictures of chips, or maybe it's just the weather, but Bike Gob has gone a bit poetic and would like to share Bike Gob's first poem coming soon to a slam near you. Here it is:

Ode To The Chamois

Oh Bike Gob's chamois,
you are an unsightly thing,
hanging on the washing line.

Your padding looks like nappies,
and feels like sanitary wear,
but gobs really don't mind.

For you serve a useful function,
afford a sense of comfort,
for gobs cushioned behinds.

Beginners still wear underwear,
for they have yet to learn,
commando confidence takes time.

You keep our bits from chaffing,
when coupled with a cream,
of the antiseptic kind.

Some gobs call you chamee,
others say chamwah,
regardless, either way is fine.

Like the resplendent arse of a baboon,
please don't show me yours,
and I'll not show you mine.

The end.

Bike Gob hopes you like it. If you have any poems you'd like to share about chamois', please do let Bike Gob know on the comments or the facebook or twitter links below.

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