Something a bit sweaty has been going on in Glasgow of late and Bike Gob wonders if you might have noticed too. In a spectacular week and a half's whirlwind of sporting and cultural festival, the Gobbonwealth Games and gobs from all over the world came to our fair city of Glasgow. Bike Gob has just woken from Gob's hangover, and would like to declare that it. Was. Gobbing. Amazing. No, not just gobbing amazing. It. Was. PURE. DEAD. BRILLIANT. Sorry, what? Oh that one's been done already? Well, haud yer whist, geez a weegie wave, and put your games face away because um... people make Glasgow?!

Yes well anyway, before getting too carried away, it is important to point out that there was definitely a dark side to the games, rooting right back to the concept of the Commonwealth itself, and taking in such atrocities as compulsory purchase orders, closed major artery cycle paths throughout the city, dubious "legacy" statements masking vast amounts of money squandered in one of the most deprived areas of Europe, and ludicrous suggestions to demolish the Red Road flats. These should not go unmentioned - do read up on it here at The Games Monitor and spread the word to help make sure that all of the out of order things that did happen are learnt from and do not happen again.

That aside though, Gob believes there have been many benefits and from the first day of the games Bike Gob was won around from a Clyde hating cynic to a fully fledged fan of the Commonwealth Games. Bike Gob LOVED IT. In true Gob Review style, here are Bike Gob's best, and worst things about the games.

Best things:

  • Standing around Cav's car when he was on the phone waiting for him to get out. He never did.
  • Currywurst in Glasgow. * Bolt Dancing to The Proclaimers * The rain during the road race. * Seeing Cycling Scotland's Ian Aitken in a kilt trying to find a taxi. * Weegie wedgies. * Scottish audiences cheering for English athletes. * 85A's bonkers Cargo Camera Action * The four beers at a time South African guy. * 13 year old swimmer Erraid Davies winning bronze * The Time Trial riding past the Barras.


Worst things:

But wait, before we all go back to work and forget all about it, another massively important thing was going on during the games that gobs may not have noticed amongst the madness. The aweseome gobs below tried to make it known on the world stage and Bike Gob wants to help by urging you to help push to end the horrendous violence happening in Gaza right now. Here's a really easy thing to sign and here's a good place to give desperately needed money.


But back to the games and in conclusion, BIKE GOB LOVED THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES!!!

If Gob missed any besties of worsties let everyone know below or on the thumbs up thing or the tweety thing.