This week Bike Gob Glasgow joined some other radical Bike Robs/Lobs/Nobs/Snobs/Fobs/Jobs and Bobs to ride to a special thing called Pedal on Parliament. This was in Edinburgh but that was only because that is where the parliament is, so it couldn't be helped.

Thousands of bike gobs went there to ask the power gobs to, for goodness sake use their heads and put like a million times more effort and funding in to make both big and little bike gobs in Scotland not feel like they might hurt their gobs every time they ride their bike.

This is the third time loads of bike gobs have done this. Bike Gob thinks more people came this time than any other time (so many bike gobs broke the bike gob counters) so all the bike gobs hope that they might be heard this time. Bike Gob Glasgow will get a bigger traffic cone for next year if not.

Apart from the serious reason for all the bike gobs getting together there was also fun for all, including seeing Super Mario Penny Farthing Gob, and some children being told to get out of a tree by a policeman.


Pedal on Parliament