Bike Gob joyfully received several bike nods from other bike gobs on this morning's commute. Bike Gob loves getting bike nods because it makes Bike Gob feel like a proper bike gob and thinks that it is in recognition of Bike Gob's professional riding stance, incredible road positioning, seasoned experience, and all topped off with a demonstrable and impressive lack of lyrca. Bike nods make Bike Gob feel happy and Bike Gob would therefore like to encourage more bike nods to happen around Glasgow. Here is how - Bike Gob style:
Bike stalking has long been prevalent in Glasgow and first came to Bike Gob's attention via the Glasgow Fixed Gear and Single Speed Forum's creepy 'Spotted' thread. Here, non geared gobs can point out other non geared gobs usually by deriding their non professional riding style, ridiculous hipster rims or if nothing else sticks out, an apparent lack of foot retention. Bike Gob has been spotted here a number of times and as Bike Gob has neither of the three, Bike Gob was made perversely happy.

Much like this 'Spotted' thread, Bike Gob was recently made aware of some clever, and useful for bike singles, stalking software called Strava Activity Playback. With this in mind, here is Bike Gob's proposition. Using this "Stalking Strava", Bike Gob is going to give kudos to every bike nod Bike Gob receives on random rides. Kudos from Bike Gob is like a Blue Peter badge. It is rare, worthless and probably slightly perverted, but makes everyone who owns it feel quietly superior. Although not superior enough to actually tell their non bike gob friends. Bike Gob doesn't recommend telling a non bike gob colleague over the photocopier. "Yeah, I went to see Dancing on Ice at the weekend, what did you do?" "Oh, I got kudos off of Bike Gob but it's no big deal really." The explanation inevitably required here is not worth the eventual look of pity you will receive from your Dancing On Ice loving work non bike gob.

If you have received kudos from Bike Gob and want to share the news because you probably don't have any other bike gob friends to tell, please leave a comment or write in to share how it made you feel to:

bikegobglasgow at gmail dot com

We are all bike gob friends here so please for gobness sakes will you get nodding.