Bike Gob is excited. Bike Gob feels like the wind has changed direction. Finally, Glasgow is joining the ranks of forward thinking cities like London, New York and Barcelona, and has got itself a city-wide bike hire scheme which launches this weekend. Praise be to the gobs above!

Similar to the Boris, Gob means, Barclays Bikes in London, the hire will be delivered by Nextbike (through The Bike Station), who will also be bringing the same scheme to Stirling via the wonderous Stirling Cycle Hub later in the year. For a pound a go or free with an annual membership, bikes can be picked up from an initial 15 points around the city, (although Gob does feel that the East End and South Side are a little neglected) and will allow Glasgow gobs to jump on and off at their cycling will.

EDIT. The hire stations are here!:


Bike Gob is delighted with anything that encourages cycling in Gob's city and has seen how similar hire schemes have transformed places like Barcelona, Paris and London. How different will travelling here look in a few years? Bike Gob is also reminded of the White Bike Plan that was installed here by NVA a few years ago as a part of Glasgow International. Many of these bikes went missing and gobs proclaimed that Glasgow is not a place meant for such things. Bike Gob believes that this is not the case and that Glasgow is meant for the best of all great things. Just you wait and you'll see.

Annual subscriptions will be £30 for early birds or £60 from the end of June. The scheme will be launched on the 24th of June and you can get more info on the ins and outs and general how it works stuff here. In the meantime though, here is a picture of Boris Johnson stuck up an aerial slide.