As you all know, Bike Gob hates Christmas. Really really hates it. Except the presents obviously, but Bike Gob really hates everything else. The disgusting christmas pies, the tree murder, the bloody music, the brown snow, the buy this buy this buy this, the made up religious and Coke inspired stories. Gah, Bike Gob despairs at Christmas. So this year to celebrate, Bike Gob will be bringing you an humbug advent calendar to crown them all. Hallelujah, christ is born!

In the spirit of South Lanarkshire Council who have recently taken on the role of "cyclist advisors", superceding the role popular opinion holds them in as "gritters" (please see recent twitter spat for more information) Bike Gob will be bringing you an advent of Information Notices.



So here it is. Share them with your friends. Print them out and stick them in your windows. Or shove them up your arse, whatever takes your fancy. Day one, of Bike Gob's Humbug Information Notices No.1: