Bike Gob wants to thank you top class gobs for all your shares and posts to help Gob's video of the year 'Bike Gob at the Playgirl Palace' get seen around the world. Apparently it was a hit in Brazil. Thanks to you all, so far the film has been seen over 3500 times, which is waaaaaay more than Gob had expected, in fact comparing hits with Glasgow's other internet sensation Far In Jim, we are talking way less than 'Hey There Andy Murray' but somewhat more than Bike Gob's actual favourite video of the year, 'The Spiral'. A silver medal win.

After the first facebook review stating "The movie was alright", the wheels started rolling and reports on Urban Velo and, tweets from Patrick Harvie, Trakke, the lovely Susan Swarbrick, Magnatom, Cyclehack and facebook shares from Belles on Bike, Freewheel North and the Glasgow Clarion Cycling Club all had Bike Gob spinning in the spinniest of gears.


Although the main man Danny refrained from commenting, his pal Rab Wardell took notice on twitter suggesting that surely the Macaskill got a look. Bike Gob's theory is that Danny is busy making a parody of the parody and will be in touch soon. In Gob's shed, we mainly hold Red Bull responsible for the poor choice in content in the original film though, and Red Bull stood up to their corporate vaules by hastily removing the link Gob put below their YouTube post.

Whether you liked the film or not, we were super happy that it got people talking about the validity of Playboy Bunnies in 2014. Some lively debate occured on the article, and some inevitably less enlightened chat was had on the Glasgow Fixed Gear Forum, where most posts confirmed the largely misogynist, clueless and humourless nature of the more vocal members. Bike Gob reflected that it's no wonder women don't use that forum anymore. A automated but ironic share from the Playboy tag robot facebook page 'Dating Tips for Men' was equally amusing.


The identity of Bike Gob also came under scrutiny. Some forum members thought that they had got to the bottom of it but they seemed to be working on the previously mentioned clueless assumption that a feminist has to be a woman. Apparently with a "man hating brain" and "Macaskill lusting loins". Bike Gob howled with laughter. On the City Cycling Glasgow forum a more complimentary gob thought that they recognised Bike Gob from the Chopper. Sorry, but BG had to stop using that ride as a commute because the back rest interfered with the baggage. Here is a nice tweet from someone else about it.


Bike Gob also wants to thank the smashing gobs that helped make the film - the three palace boys who were more up for it than BG could have asked for and at least one of whom is now embarking on an acting career, Abby, for her stunning camera work and beautiful and calming presence (hi Abby's Dad), and of course, Freewheel North, for the loan of the awesome bike (sorry about the tyre stunt) and the use of their track.

Anyway, Bike Gob is going to stop banging on about Bike Gob's film 'Bike Gob at the Playgirl Palace' now, and thinks that you should definitely take a look at 'The Spiral', as it too is worthy of more views for sure.

Oh yeah, and ride your bikes.

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