Bike Gob likes to support Bike Gob's local bike shop and has many favourite bike shops around town. Bike Gob also now has a worst local bike shop and today, after countless bad experiences over a number of years, had just one more that made Gob say that Gob, unlike Arnie and the Terminators, will never be back.

Gob knows you like Gob's boardgames so to see if you too have had an experience like Gob's, Gob brings you 'Bike Gob's Guess the Worst Bike Shop in Glasgow Boardgame (TM)'.


Bike Gob knows that nobody is perfect all of the time, so if you know a reason why some gobs get treated this way in The Worst Bike Shop in Glasgow, please do stick up for the shop gobs and let Bike Gob know.